10 Conversation Starters For the Candy Cuties at the #CandyFair2015

by Sheena Concepcion   |  Sep 11, 2015
COVER ART Trixie Ison PHOTO Majoy Siason
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 1  "How early were you at the Metrotent today?"

Use a simple one-liner that is not too personal to start the ball rolling.  Baby steps, right

 2  "Is this your first time at the Candy Fair?" 

If it is, what are his expectations? If you've been a loyal Candy Fair goer yourself, fill him in on the exciting details of the Fair—the booths, the bands, and the freebies!

 3  "How does it feel to be a Candy Cutie?" 

The Candy readers got the final say on this year's list of Candy Cuties.Now, it's time to hear about the guys' side of the story! Are they nervous about the rest of the Fair? Are they excited? We want all the details!

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 4  "Where do you study?"

Who knows? Maybe the two of youhave common friends who could set up a hangout even after the Fair.  It's a small world, girls. Don't lose hope.

 5  "Who is your favorite Candy cover girl?"

Want to know who his ideal girl is? Here's a subtle way to do it!

 6  "Which workshop at the Fair are you most interested in?"

The workshops would surely be more enjoyable with all the cute guys around. Have fun creating your own artworks with the help of these Candy cuties!

 7  "What kind of music do you like?"

Knowing his taste in music can spark different topics of conversation. ("Oh, you love Maroon 5 , too? Are you going to their concert this September?") It's simple yet effective. Need more music topics? Don't worry! #CandyFair2015 is going to be filled with awesome performances from the coolest local bands and artists. That means more conversation starters for you and your fave cutie!        


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 8  "Have you tried doing arts and crafts before?"

"Really? What did you try doing?" or "You haven't tried doing it yet? Let's sign up for a workshop together!" See? You can never go wrong with this question.

 9  "What was your favorite #CandyFair2015 moment?"

End your day on a positive note by looking back at the highlights of #CandyFair2015 with your favorite Candy Cutie!

 10  "Thank you for brightening up my day! I hope to see you again!"

Gratitude is always appreciated. If a Candy Cutie has made your #CandyFair2015 experience a thousand times better, be sure to say thank you. Don't forget to take a picture with him before leaving. It's a memory worth preserving!

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Have a blast at the #CandyFair2015, Candy Girls! Meet some of this year's Candy Cuties at the #CandyFair2015 this Saturday at the Metrotent in Metrowalk, Ortigas. For more details about the fairvisit www.candymag.com/candyfair2015. Make sure you're also following us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Snapchat@candymagdotcom to get the latest updates on this and more.

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