Candy's Guide To Your First Date

Candy's Ultra-cool, Super-Fab, Comprehensive Guide To Your First Date
by Abi Aquino   |  Jun 19, 2010
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Food For Thought

He might appreciate a healthy appetite, but your date may get frightened by the idea of a girl who can finish off a whole cow in one sitting. Here are five foods you should definitely avoid on that first date:

  • Chicken. Unless it’s a fillet and doesn’t contain bones, steer clear of this dish or you’re fried. Your date might squawk at the sight of you grabbing a chicken breast with your bare hands—a definite turn-off, girl. 
  • Grape juice or any drink that contains food coloring. Unless you want your mouth to look like it swallowed Grimace alive, this tongue-staining drink is also a definite no-no. 
  • Spaghetti. There is a cosmic law that states spaghetti sauce has a life of its own and will find a way to splatter itself on your top. The lighter the color of your dress, the greater the splotch. Beware. 
  • Dishes with little green herbs and veggies, like malunggay or basil. These sneaky little leaves have a funny way of getting themselves stuck between your teeth, leaving you with the Tinga from Hell. You want your date’s eyes to widen with interest and affection, not disgust. 
  • Spicy dishes. Avoid spicy food that will leave a lingering, offensive odor in your mouth, like curry, onion, and garlic. One “umm” from you and he might just topple over like a deck of cards from your intense bad breath.

Smooch Operator

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To kiss or not to kiss on your first date is entirely up to you. Most first dates usually end with a light kiss on the cheek from the guy. But if you feel like you had an amazing connection, and he’s closing in for a light peck on the lips, go ahead and reciprocate. If you feel uncomfortable with the physical intimacy and think that you need more time to lead up to that big ol’ smooch, tell him so—gracefully and politely.


    Guy Spy!

    Super-kilig clues that let you know your first date is a smashing success!

    • He compliments you on your outfit, or the smell of your perfume.
    • He can’t keep his eyes off of you during the entire date.
    • He finds ways to touch you: he helps you out of the car, touches your elbow going into the restaurant or movie, or even grazes your arm with his while walking.
    • He blushes whenever you tease him.
    • He texts you immediately after the date to let you know he had a great time.

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