Candy's Guide To Your First Date

Candy's Ultra-cool, Super-Fab, Comprehensive Guide To Your First Date
by Abi Aquino   |  Jun 19, 2010
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Googly- Eyed Guy!

Come-hither combat moves sure to make your boy go ga-ga.

  • During dinner, try grinning and holding his gaze for a couple of seconds, as if you’re about to say something, then look down.
  • In the middle of a conversation, casually straighten his collar or smooth out his sleeve.
  • Try this classic move proven and tested by millions of girls everywhere: the flip. Casually swing back your hair, or softly shift it from one shoulder to the other. He’s bound to replay how ultra-cute you looked over and over again, once he gets home.
  • Compliment him by saying how great he looks in his outfit.
  • If he compliments you in return, say, “Thanks!”, grin shyly, and bite your lip. Trust us, by this time he’ll be so crazy-kilig over you he could just keel over and die.

Date Dos and Don’ts

  1. Don’t text incessantly—or spam his Facebook Wall. You may offend your guy, and that might leave a lasting, negative impression on him.
  1. Don’t blabber on and on about your grand plans in life. Sure, every guy is impressed with a girl who has dreams, but do you really have to tell him every nitty-gritty bit of it? Just paint a broad picture of what you dream of becoming, and let him pick up the conversation from there.
  2. Don’t argue with him over a topic. Yes, you can debate politely and passionately for things you believe in, but don’t get into a heated argument—it might just ruin the rest of your date! Respect his opinion and move on to another topic.
  3. Don’t laugh too hard over his jokes, either. A guy can spot a mile away whether you’re faking those guffaws or not. If you don’t find his puns funny, just grin good humoredly and say, “Ang corny!”
  4. Do thank him for the date, whatever may happen. He will appreciate your courtesy and grace.

On kissing and non-kiss-friendly food. Read more on the next page.

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