Candy's Guide To Your First Date

Candy's Ultra-cool, Super-Fab, Comprehensive Guide To Your First Date
by Abi Aquino   |  Jun 19, 2010
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Be Yourself…

  • The best, nicest, coolest, cutest version of yourself! Here are five quick thoughts on how to relax, have a great time, and leave a great first impression on your date.
  • See the way his fingers shake a bit when he’s picking up his glass? That has “Oh, God, I hope she doesn’t think I’m a geek” written all over it. He’s probably just as nervous as you are, if not more. Isn’t that sweet?
  • Pick the language you feel most comfortable speaking, and stick to it. If you’re more fluent in English, talk in English. If you’ve got a serious case of PFBV (Pake Fearls and Vad Bibes), stick to Filipino. Even if your date asks you stuff in English, resist the urge to reply in English. What matters is that you are comfortable and relaxed enough to give interesting, funny answers.
  • Don’t pretend to know everything or just nod to whatever he says, lest you want to launch a yawnfest. If you have no idea what he’s talking about, ask him politely and grin. The whole point of talking is discovering new things about each other. He can’t help but be charmed by your honesty and spontaneity.
  • Think of him as a great new friend, more than a potential new boyfriend. This will take off the edge to the date, and leave you more at ease. This doesn’t give you permission to pick your nose in front of him, though. Eww! But you get what we mean, right?
  • Don’t bend over backwards doing or saying things you don’t normally do just because you think it’ll please him—that is so 1950s! If you do, you’ll end up feeling bored and constrained the whole time. Remember: you should enjoy the date as well!

Say What?!

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Five questions guaranteed to get that conversation ball rolling.

  1. “Do you ever get those flying dreams?” You can use this during dinner, while waiting for your meal to arrive. Follow it up with other dream-related questions like, “Do you dream in color?” and “Do you ever have recurring dreams?” This will up your kooky-cool quotient with him.
  2. “What are your top five movies of all time?” Perfect for waiting in line at the cinemas, or while walking to the theater.
  3. “If you could eat one kind of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?” This line is perfect for that dinnertime lull, after you’ve discussed your common friends, your most-loathed subjects, and your weirdest teachers.
  4. “You seem like you’re in a great/thoughtful or distracted mood. What happened today?” Depending on your date’s aura, you can fire this question off at the beginning of the evening, and allow him to talk about his day.
  5. “If you could perform with a really, really famous rock band or singer, who would it be?”  Ideal for dates who are musically inclined, or are CD fanatics.

How do you catch that guy, hook, line, and sinker? Read more on the next page.


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