Can We Still Be Friends?

What happens when best friends become something more?
by Gazelle Angelica Gonzales Ancheta   |  May 31, 2004
photo by Dakila Angeles * hair and makeup by Ferdie Orivida of Salon de Orient Libis * models: Mike of CalCarrie's and Maita
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Friendship is the beginning of most relationships, so they say. I personally agree with this. You see, I was one of those typical teens who, at one point in their lives, fell in love with their boy buds.

It was during my senior year in high school when I met this guy. We were really comfortable with each other and we clicked as best buds. Until one day I realized there was something more to it than just plain friendship. I wanted to be with him every hour on the hour. Or talk to him over the phone 24/7. My heart beat fast whenever I was with him.

In the middle of the year, he called and confessed that he was falling for me. So we took our relationship to a more serious level. Boy, was I in for a surprise! At first, we went well as a couple. But then conflicts began to arise. We were so comfortable with each other that we sometimes failed to give each other privacy. Privacy for simple things, like reading messages on his phone. I easily got jealous. I wanted to have all of his time, not knowing that he needed space.


Eventually, we decided to break up. We did not want our friendship to suffer. I was more comfortable about telling him my problems when there were no strings attached. I wanted to sleep with nothing to be jealous about.

Now, four years later, I am still enjoying the friendship that we have. I don't expect him to call but he does anyway. We can talk openly about our present relationships and have a good laugh about our problems. Best of all, we’ve stayed close.

I’ve never regretted what we went through four years ago. We saved what mattered to us most: Our friendship, which has been made even stronger because of that experience. We realized that we should never give up a great friendship for a relationship that we were unsure of. There will always be what ifs but I'm glad we moved on. At least, we tried and survived.

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