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What is your romantic dating personality?
  |  Feb 10, 2012
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What is your idea of a romantic first date?
A candlelit dinner.
Drag racing. Or something exciting!
Coffee somewhere quiet and a walk.
Anywhere I can have a good time.
A 'lull' in the conversation occurs during your date. You:
Compliment my date on what he/she is wearing.
Tell a joke.
Say nothing. It will take care of itself.
Move in for the first kiss.
My idea of a fun little surprise for someone I'm dating is:
A picnic on the beach with food I prepared.
A spontaneous road trip!
A handwritten note or card left somewhere I know they will find it.
Tickets to my favorite show or sporting event.
While on a date with someone I'm romantically interested in, my first physical move is usually:
A kiss on my date's cheek.
A light playful shove.
Getting as physically close to my date as possible.
At the end of a date, the best way to let someone feel you're interested is by saying something like:
I really like you and I had a wonderful time!
I'd break out a song and dance for them!
Thank you. I would love to see you again...
Hey, that was fun! So, I’ll see you again sometime?

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