Bret Jackson Answers "The Crazy Things Girls Do"

PBB Bret Jackson shares his thoughts about girls' weirdest and worst habits.
  |  Jan 20, 2011
photo by Patrick Martires
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1. A girl who giggles like a five-year-old every five minutes. - ADORABLE
“A girl’s laugh is priceless.”

2. A girl who changes into dozens of outfits before a big date. – ADORABLE
“The fact that she would take that much time for you means something.”

3. A girl who orders a tiny salad for dinner, then steals fries off her boyfriend’s plate. – ADORABLE
“Anything to be closer.”

4. A girl who spends hours overanalyzing one little Facebook comment from her crush – ADORABLE
“That’s way too cute!”

5. A girl who goes on a horror movie date, then covers her eyes the whole time – ADORABLE
“Who cares about the movie when you’re with someone you really like.”

6. A girl who exerts effort to do very thorough research on her crush. – ANNOYING
“That’s the best part of dating, getting to know each other. Researching is borderline stalking.”

7. A girl who doodles her crush’s name all over her notebook. – ADORABLE
“Those are cute!”


Flip to page 42 of the Jan-Feb 2011 issue to see Nzo Sarmiento's answers.

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