Boys Made Easy

Get a clue on handling boys the right way!
by Bryan Cruz   |  May 2, 2005
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How to Catch His Eye
Getting a guy’s attention is easy. You can sing, dance, laugh or scream whenever he passes by and voila! You’ve got his attention! But believe me, that’s not what you want. What you want is to catch his eye–to subtly make him notice you. Many are deceived that being beautiful is the only way to get guys to notice you. This is not true. When your guy is around, you don’t have to bring out your mirror to see how your hair is. Just try to stay cool and don’t try too hard to get his attention. More often than not, girls catch our eye with traits eyes can’t see. A fresh, smart and friendly personality is always as attractive as a pretty face. A genuine smile overpowers a whole pack of face powder or a thousand dollar face lift. Just stay cool, be pleasant, be friendly, and in no time, you will surely catch his eye.


How to Get Him to Ask You Out
Most of the time, we guys are just afraid to ask girls out, specially on first dates. Guys don’t know how you’ll react to being asked out and if you will accept the invitation. So to overcome this obstacle, simple hints to let him know you’re cool with going out will really help. If this doesn’t work and if your guy is too dense, try mentioning movies and concerts that you want to watch. You can also tell him how you don’t have any plans for the weekend and you don’t want to get bored. Surely, this will give him the opportunity to offer you his company and ask you out.

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