Boy-ology 101

We think we have them all figured out, but we may have a thing or two to learn from those strange creatures called boys.
by Shiloah Matic   |  Sep 9, 2003
photo by Ben Nollora
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We think we have them all figured out: those boys–car-court-and-console-fanatic, commitment-phobic, cut-and-comb-allergic couch potatoes. But wait–we may have a thing or two to learn from those strange creatures called boys.

How to Do Down-Time
You have to admire a guy's ability to veg. No one does lazing around on a Saturday afternoon like a boy does. Have you ever seen a boy gel his hair to spend "we time" with the remote control? And just watch him lounge around like a king decked out in his favorite pambahay shirt-hole, food stains, and all. On our off-days, we girls still do our nails, fix our hair, and concoct exotic fruit masks in the blender. Take their cue, Ms. Perpetually Pretty. Let your hair down more often-and don't even think about fixing that stubborn stray strand. Relaxing doesn't have to be such hard work (just like the "natural" look shouldn't take you hours to achieve). Boys know how to do absolutely nothing with style.


How to Toot Your Own Horn
Boys feel no shame in saying that they could have totally made the last three points that Kobe missed, or that if that play had been done their way, they would have won the game. A little arrogant, maybe, but girls don't pat their own backs often enough (even if we are more deserving). Try this less conceited version of confidence: instead of saying you could have done something better, acknowledge what you've done best. Yes, that is a really well-written English paper. Yes, my hair does look great today. Yes, I am a pretty amazing person... Because you are!

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How to Really Mean It
As girls we were cuddles and caressed and sweet-talked so we've learned how to cuddle and caress and sweet-talk. We say, "I love you," when we just mean "Great eyes" or "Thanks for being nice to me." Maybe you've been dying to say it since you read your first fairy tale, and dreamed about your prince. Doesn't it infuriate you when you bare your soul, and your prince can only croak back–and half-hearted, "Ummm, me too" at that! The L-word is harder to squeeze out of boys–even your brothers or your dad may be squeamish when it comes to PDA (public declarations of affection). But doesn't it mean so much more when they actually do spill out because it wasn't won so easily? We write love letters to our imaginary Prince Charmings, they save them for their real lady loves. Play fair, spare the sweet nothings, and say something when you mean it for real.


How to Shop
Doesn't it baffle you that the shopping gene is mysteriously missing in the male species? How can they not spend hours exploring the aisles or looking for that one perfect shoe to go with that dress in our closet we've only worn once? But if we tally how much time we've spent shopping (yes, window shopping counts), the figure would probably shock us. Not to denounce this favorite female pastime, but think of all the other things we could have done in the days (or months!) that time would total: mastered a second language, learned to cook a new dish, or actually finished our homework on time. Add to that the cash equivalent of all those things we've bought and barely used, and we'll see that boys may be smarter and more practical than we give them credit for.

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