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Rewind to September 2003's Me, Only Better!
by Shiloah Matic   |  Jun 12, 2008
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We think we have them all figured out: those boys-car-cour-and-console fanatic, commitment-phobic, cut-and-comb-allergic couch potatoes. But wait-we may have a thing or two to learn from those strange creatures called boys.

How to sweat the small stuff
It's deceptive, really-the way guys sit on the couch flipping through channels with a bowl of chips and without a care. But flip to ESPN, or switch on the Xbox and suddenly facts and stats start pouring out of them like tears from your mom when Oprah's on. Can you name the hot fabrics from the last five New York Fashion Weeks the way they can tell you the free throw percentages of the entire Lakers line-up? Trivial though this talent may seem, it will be handy come job time when your boss needs you to spurt out sales figures, interesting product features and the like to impress a client or make a sale. Want a more here-and-now benefit to taking note of the little things? Knowing a lot about something shows you really care about it, and being passionate is definitely a point in your favor on the personality scoreboard.


How to do down-time
You have to admire a guy's ability to veg. No one does lazing around on a Saturday afternoon like a boy does. Have you ever seen a boy gel his hair to spend "we time" with the remote control? And just watch him lounge around like a king decked out in his favorite pambahay shirt-holes, food stains, and all! On our off-days, we girls still do our nails, fix our hair, and concoct exotic fruit masks in the blender. Take their cue, Ms. Perpetually Pretty. Let your hair down more often-and don't even think about fixing that stubborn stray strand. Relaxing doesn't have to be such hard work (just like the "natural" look shouldn't take you hours to achieve). Boys know how to do absolutely nothing with style.

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