Boy Friend to Boyfriend?

  |  Feb 27, 2010
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Let's pretend he grabs your hand in the middle of a crowded mall. Your initial thought bubble would probably be:
"Yikes, if somebody sees us, I'll never hear the end of it!"
"What the... Wow, are you serious?"
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to kiss him?
Yes, and imagining it is weird. (But okay, maybe it would actually feel kind of nice.)
Only a million times or so every day. Sigh.
Yeah, once or twice. Is that normal? He's an attractive guy, after all.
He asks you for advice on turning down the girl who keeps asking him out. You:
Tell him to be gentle but firm, and reassure him that being honest doesn't make him a bad person.
Try very hard not to be thrilled that a) he doesn't like her, and b) he's confiding in you.
Are intrigued. Will Little Miss Clingy make a scene?
Your best shared memory is:
The time you finally made up after your first major fight.
Every memory with him is special. Every. Single. One.
That awesome beach trip last summer with your mutual friends.
On your birthday, he:
Showed up at your house to surprise you with breakfast, trying not to laugh at your messy hair and teddy bear PJs.
Called you at midnight to wish you a happy birthday. (This is still saved in your call log, of course.)
Got you a nice new notebook to add to your collection.
The best thing about him is:
He's reliable—you know this for a fact.
He's cute! Like, really, REALLY cute.
He's super talented. It's pretty inspiring.
He catches you online and says hi. You:
Ask him what his plans are for the weekend. While he's typing, you bombard him with links to your latest funny finds on YouTube.
Are super kilig, but wait a few minutes before typing back a smiley face. You don't want to seem too eager.
Reply, "Hey, I haven't seen you in weeks! What's up?"
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