Book It: What If These Candy Cuties Had Books Written About Them?

What would their books be called?
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Oct 31, 2013
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We asked these Candy Cuties what they thought the title of a book written about them would be called. Check out their ideas below!

"Tisoy making it big in the Philippines. HAHA!" —Andrew Baldwin
"The Dreamer" —Miguel Lasala
"The Unstoppable" —Earl Santos
"About A Genuine Heart Of A Person" —Jeric Gonzales
"It All Starts with Red Tiger. I'm a very complicated person when I try to explain myself (when it comes to my interests) so I just say refer to my favorite color and animal." —Joshua Joffe 

Which hypothetical book would you totally grab from the bookshelf? What would you call a book written about you? Dish in the comments below or tweet us @candymagdotcom.

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