Bid Those Bad Boys Good Bye!

Get rid of the real bad boys in your life.
by Drew Asuncion   |  Apr 10, 2010
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When one says "bad boy," people immediately think of the cigarette-smoking, Harley-riding, shades-wearing, leather-jacketed ruggedly handsome stereotype. So maybe this is the "nice" kind of bad boy, the streetwise gentlemen in the rough so to speak. But there are guys out there who take the "bad" part quite literally. These guys are the jerks who make you ladies say there are no more good men out there. Ouch! So read on, and  learn how to ditch some of the maladjusted males in your lives.

  1. The Badly Behaving Boyfriend
    Bad Boy Profile: He likes hanging out with his friends more than with you. His idea of a romantic date is a cheeseburger meal subsidized by discount coupons. And you suspect his cheating, but when you bring it up, he either makes you bola to high heavens or belittles you for even thinking about it.
    Say Bye-bye: With these guys, it's usually all about the ego. They love having a girlfriend whom they can jerk around like a Chihuahua on a short leash, and they usually brag about  it too. So when it comes to these guys, there's no need for elaborate plans or gimmicks. There's only one thing you need to do: Drop him like a hot camote. And we mean cold turkey. Make the breakup short, fast, concise, and oh-so bittersweet. But remember, it also means that you have to control yourself and stay away. Be strong and stand by your decision.
  2. The Ludicrous Leech
    Bad Boy Profile: He's your best-est friend in the whole wide universe—when he needs something from you. Bring a car to a gimmick, and he appears in the shotgun seat like magic. You're his pretend girlfriend when he wants to catch his crush's eye, his homework source when he's too busy playing basketball or slacking off, his go-to girl when he needs some spare cash, and basically his unpaid yaya.
    Say Bye-Bye: You're dealing with a purebred leech. He probably thinks you don't mind since you're a girl, and so are a very kind and understanding bit is true. But that doesn't give him - or anyone else - the right to abuse your good nature. We suggest you start the purging process with a little bit of creative timing. Try to find out when he usually needs your help, and line up something else to do at the time. If he needs a ride, make plans to pick up some other friends who aren't as needy. He's asking you for term paper info? Say you're busy doing the same or even another paper early for extra credit. Over time, he'll get the message.
  3. The Super Stalker
    Bad Boy Profile: He may be a guy friend out to win your heart in the weirdest way, or an admirer whose way of professing his devotion to you isn't so secret. In any case, having stalker soon grows old. Knowing that someone may be watching you every move can make you feel conscious and put a damper on any enthusiasm you might have had for the day.
    Say Bye-Bye: In this case, there's no easy, surefire way to get rid of a stalker. Since you're not supposed to be aware of him, he can always claim coincidence when you catch him. And you can't bawl him out for something that no one saw him do. The best thing to do is to travel with a group of good friends. With people surrounding you practically all the time, he'll probably be annoyed enough to leave. Over time, that annoyance might become a habit, and he'll leave you alone for good. Vocal friends will also have no qualms about berating him—something you might not have the gumption to do.
  4. The Persistent Ex
    Bad Boy Profile: Some ladies just make an amazing impact on a guy, and so when breakup time comes, he can't take it. He sends flowers, shows up in your classroom with a guitar and a copy of Jingle's 1001 Love Songs, and generally makes a noisy nuisance of himself to win you back. Which  you know is not happening in the foreseeable future. So, what to do?
    Say Bye-Bye:This may sound weird, but have you considered finding a date for him? Maybe by diverting his romantic attention, you can get him off your back. And unless he's a total boor, bore, or maniac psycho woman-hating killer, there has to be someone out there more suited for him than, well, you. Think of it this way: You get him away from you, and you earn karma points!
  5. The Consistent Condescender
    Bad Boy Profile: He thinks you're around to provide a comic counterpoint to his not-so-witty repartee. This "friend" is the type of guy who sees a lady in a two-car accident and immediately exclaims," Aha! Babae kasi eh!" And he always finds ways to belittle you and your decidedly sharp intellect, even to the point of vehemently defending a wrong answer. It's time to shut him up, we think.
    Say Bye-Bye: Ironically, the best way to deal with someone like this is to not deal with him at all. If talking to him about it hasn't helped, and if he's part of the barkada, make how you feel clear to everyone. Tell them you're not putting up with it anymore, and that you're prepared to break ties with them if you have to. It seems drastic, but it's still a better choice for you than putting up with the annoyance. If you trust your barkada's judgment, then you can most likely expect them to do the right thing by leaving his sorry ass behind instead.
  6. The Blind Boy-Friend
    Bad Boy Profile: This is the guy who treats you as a guy. He claps you hard on the back, makes loud sexist jokes in your presence, lets out burps and farts without a care in the world, and generally acts like a jackass when you're around.
    Say Bye-Bye: Fortunately, this is the easiest kind of bad boy to deal with. Guys like this usually just need a stern talking-to to reset their world vision, so to speak. They mean no harm—they've always just seen you as another guy friend. If that doesn't work, show up to a gimmick in an ultra-feminine, guaranteed stop-and-stare outfit. That'll knock some sense into him.
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