9 Best Responses to Your BFF's "I Still Want Him Back" After a Bad Breakup

by Ana C. Pascual for FemaleNetwork.com   |  Jun 17, 2017
Image: Jamie Oliver | youtube.com/user/JamieOliver via Giphy
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When someone close to you gets dumped, it's only natural for you to comfort her as a friend. But if that guy cheated on her or he's been awful to her, and she still wants him back, it's only right to knock some sense into her. Here are some of the best things to say when your best friend is about to make the really stupid decision of getting back together with a horrible ex.

  1. "Talaga bang gusto mong masaktan lagi?"

  1. "They say, 'forgive and forget' not 'forgive and take back.'"

  1. "Is it really because you love him or because he's single again?"

  1. "Martyr season ba ngayon? Akala ko rainy season?"

  1. "Do you want the person or just the memories?"

  1. "Para saan pa? Para lokohin ka ulit?"

  1. "…and does he want you back, too?"

  1. "Sige, balikan mo. But don't come back to me crying when it doesn't work out—again."

  1. "But you deserve better, girl."

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