Bakit Hindi Mo Crush Ang May Crush Sa'yo

Wondering why girls sometimes don't like the guy who likes them and don't know how to turn awkward crushing into friendship? We got it all covered.
by Angel Salazar   |  Oct 5, 2013
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    You like someone else.

    When a girl likes someone, that person becomes the apple of her eye and she becomes a little too preoccupied daydreaming about him (you know how passionate we girls can get!). Crushing on a guy takes up a lot of a girl's time and attention, making it impossible for her to entertain any other matters—in this case, other suitors. And hey, it is difficult, not to mention impossible to like more than one person at a time!
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    He's too fast.
    There's the torpe type of guy and then there's the exact opposite.  The guys who fall under this type have unwavering self-confidence. They are brave enough to confess their feelings for their crush, want to know all about her, and are super eager to take her on a date. While it is true that girls appreciate a guy's confidence and persistence, too much of it can turn us off. We girls like it when guys take things one step at a time.
  3. The guy is clingy.
    Yep, you read that right. Even boys have the tendency to be clingy. Sure, we, girls like thoughtful and caring guys but once they start texting us random stuff 24/7 and go ballistic when we can't reply to them right away, uh-oh. Some even say that there's no challenge when a guy is readily available. Girls find guys who show a little bit of mystery and know how to keep things in balance simply irresistible.
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    He's just not your type.
    This might sound harsh but it is really difficult to like someone who likes you when the person is not your ideal guy. Every girl has her type when it comes to guys and when the one who likes her fails to tick off the things in her ideal man list, that could mean the end of the line for the guy's hopes (oops).

But there's no reason to feel bad, Candy Girls! You might not be able to reciprocate the feelings of the guy who likes you but nobody said you can't be friends. Here's how you can turn awkward crushing into friendship.

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  • Tell the guy how you feel.
    Start off by communicating how you feel about the guy. Avoid those old, tired lines like  "It’s not' you, it's me" or "You are like a brother to me" and be completely honest instead.
  • Try not to lead him on.
    The last thing you would want to do is to give the guy false hopes. Treat him kindly, but be sure to draw the lines and that he clearly understands the situation.
  • Get to know more about each other.
    What's friendship without heart-to-heart conversations? I'm not saying that you should tell him every bit of information about your life, but take time to talk to him about random things. This way, you can discover things about each other and eventually make you appreciate him more as a friend.
  • Treasure the friendship.
    Not everyone is given the chance to be friends after an awkward phase of crushing. So treat the friendship as if it's a precious gem and nurture it.

The transition from awkward crushing to friendship can be a bit difficult but it's worth every ounce of effort. Just think of it this way: it is refreshing to have a guy friend because although no one will ever understand you like your girlfriends, sometimes, catfights and drama can get pretty tiring. And it's good to have a guy friend around when inevitable things like that happen.

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