Boys in love do the sweetest, craziest things!
  |  Sep 10, 2004
photo by Ben Nollora * makeup by Lora Gahol
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A Bear-y Happy Birthday!
On my birthday, my mom took me shopping the whole day. I found it strange because I didn’t understand why she seemed to be keeping me away from my friends and my boyfriend. Though I wanted to see them earlier that day, I didn’t mind since I had plans to see them that night. Suddenly, my friends asked if we could go out a bit later than planned because they had to be somewhere else. So I asked my boyfriend if he could keep me company at home. When my mom dropped me off, my boyfriend was already there. He had decorated the whole place with flowers and candles! He even cooked me dinner! After our romantic dinner, my friends arrived one by one, with different kinds of teddy bears because they know I love teddy bears!
–Hannah, 17

Dear Diary
On the day my boyfriend left for the States, he surprised me with gifts and a VCD he made just for me. It was a video diary of each day we had spent together the past few weeks!
–Isabel, 16


Got Your Back!
One day, my boyfriend Butch told me he had to go run errands for his mom. The next day, my friend came up to me and said the guard gave her a backpack and told her to give it to me because I supposedly left it at school. When I opened it, I saw it was filled with different treats from Butch! They were all symbolic gifts. Turns out that’s what he was busy with the day before!
–Lia, 15

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Against All Odds
I felt like the friends of my suitor didn’t like me much, and that made me feel bad. I felt I couldn’t compare to them because they’d known him longer than I had. So I decided to stay away even if I liked him. But one night, instead of going to his friend’s birthday party, he prepared a surprise for me at our village park! He lit some candles and played some songs on his radio, and prepared a dinner that included a lot of candy and junk food! Then he told me that he’d seen something in me that he had never seen in anyone else. He said he didn’t care what everyone else thought! His friends respected me after that because he wasn’t ashamed to show how much he loved me.
–Mishy, 16


Sweet Serenade
I was falling asleep in class when suddenly, someone knocked on the classroom door and sang, “You’re just too good to be true…” We were all shocked, thrilled, and amused! We couldn’t wait for the guy to finish the song, and see who it was. And then, this guy who had been courting me and whom I actually really liked appeared and gave me a bouquet of my favorite flowers! I was speechless, but I was worried about my teacher’s reaction! Turns out the guy was related to one of my teachers and they had arranged it so that none of us would get into trouble. It was unbelievable! I couldn’t believe he went through all that trouble just for me!
–Jessica, 18


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