Ask a Guy: Is It Possible to Bring Back Your Friendship with a Guy?

After the jokes and the teasing, we barely have the courage to look at each other.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 10, 2016
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Teasing is very common in whatever environment you're in, especially teasing between possible couples. One notice at things and people will start commenting on how you look good together with a guy or how you should just be together. But what if you start avoiding each other and you lose your friendship along the way because of that, is it possible to recover what you lost? That's the question we got from one of our readers via Facebook.

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For this week's Ask a Guy, we asked help from one of 2015's Candy Cuties Neil Dy. Here's what he has to say about your problem.

Hey, Stella!

First off, why go back to the way things were? That's the past and I believe that it's time to focus on the present. That experience you had with him before should not stop you from what you guys really want. Why let those jokes affect what you know is stronger than that? I believe that it's just a matter of trying. I mean, what's there to lose when you know that there really is something. If there really is something, then I think it's always worth giving a try. Like you said, both of you are shy and quiet but sometimes, some guys just need a little push in the right direction every now and then, and who better to give this guy that push than you?

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Guys love confidence. Physics has always been one of my favorite subjects and one thing that I always like to remember is that without external force, objects at rest will remain at rest. Let this letter be the force that puts you in motion, so you can be the force that puts him in motion!

Don't be afraid to go the extra mile and make the first move. Set aside your pride and tell him how you really feel about things. In the end, what matters is that you gave it a try. Before you know it, you're both already just laughing about that awkward experience you guys had before.

In the end, what matters is that you gave it a try.

Best of luck,

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