Ask a Guy: How Do I Stop Pining for Someone Who Won't Love Me Back?

How do you let go of a person you've loved for quite a while?
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 26, 2016
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Unrequited love is something we all get to experience at least once in our lives. TBH, it probably is one of the most genuine love there is—you continue loving a person who won't ever look your way. But what if one day, you already want to move on? How and where do you start?

This was the question we got via Facebook from one of our readers. She asked:

How could I stop pining for someone who won't ever love me back? It's been so long already.

We feel ya, girl, so we asked some help from one of our Candy Cuties. For this week's Ask a GuyKenjee Dee gives us his thoughts about this common love dilemma. Read his advice below.

Hi, if you're the person who asked this question, I really do hope you're getting by. First of all, I'd like to think that the reason why it's so difficult to move forward is because the person you care about is already a part of who you are.


Now, the easy advice most people give is to just forget, to just keep yourself busy. But to me, that's just a band-aid solution. The best way to move on is to try new things! Ride a rollercoaster, go on a road trip with friends, or spend quality time with your family. Loving someone else isn't the best thing for you right now because after all, the only way to love others truly, by first, loving yourself. So go out there and try new things, and remember to always have a lot of fun.

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