Are You Sending Him the Right Signals Online?

You may be confusing your crush!
by Ana C. Pascual   |  Jun 25, 2016
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Back when I was in high school, flirting can be done in many ways: looking at his direction, smiling at him when you've got a chance, or having to actually walk up to him to strike a conversation—but that was a long time ago. And nerve-racking as it seems, it boosted my confidence and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

If you're the shy type of girl, then maybe face-to-face flirting isn't for you.Thanks to the internet, it's easier and more convenient to give hints that you like someone, but sometimes, the signs just aren't clear. So here's a list of what you should know about online flirting:

Notice him when he's online.

Gone are the days where guys make the first move. If you're crushing on that cute guy you attend Biology class with, message him and show him that you're interested. Just be sure you don't text him every now and then—remember, quantity over quality, girls!


Have meaningful conversations.

Messaging him on Facebook or Viber is one thing, but having deep conversations is another. A simple greeting and questions on how his day went may come off as"standard" and "generic". Add some spontaneity to your conversations and see where it leads to. Maybe a date? *wink*

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Make him feel special.

There's nothing wrong with getting a little too friendly with other guys online, but if he sees you liking and commenting to every boy's status post, he might think that you only see him as a friend—and that you treat him just like everyone else.

Try not to keep him waiting for too long.

We all know girls like to play hard to get, but if you want him to know that you like him, minimize the waiting time before you hit send. If it takes you hours (or even days) to reply to a simple "Hi, how are you?" then he might think that you're not into him or you just simply don't care.


Be light.

Don't overthink about it. Online puppy love should be light, fun, and exciting—it shouldn't be a serious matter. Also, analysing things too much can leave you mentally exhausted and it'll clearly show with how you talk or deal with your crush.

Use emojis!

When you're talking to someone in person, it's easier to know how they're feeling thanks to their facial expressions. But in the online world, words can just be words—no emotions at all. Remember, the guy on the other end is not a mind reader so if you're happy or feeling cute, send an emoji. It can make a lot of difference!

Interact with him as much as possible. 

Did he just post a family vacay photo? It's your chance to hit like and initiate a conversation. When you notice the important things that he posts, it gives the impression that you're interested in his personal life and not just his super gwapong selfies (although you don't mind liking those snaps, too!)

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