Are You A Jealous Girlfriend?

Know when the green-eyed monster is already eating you up. Take this quiz to find out!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 28, 2014
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Many females suffer from the relationship mistake of being a jealous girlfriend. It's healthy to feel so every once in a while and under extreme conditions (like when a girl's obviously flirting with your guy!). But when you get mad over the smallest things, maybe it's time you think about that habit of feeling jealous. Take this quiz to find out whether the green-eyed monster is already eating you up and sabotaging your relationship!

Take the quiz and tell us what you got in the comments or tweet us @candymagdotcom. We always love hearing from you. :)

Your boyfriend tells you he's going on a boys night out on your date night. How do you react?

"Sure, but just this once."

"Okay, but let me text your bro to be sure."

"Can't you just schedule that on another day?"

After 10 missed calls, your guy finally picks up the phone. What do you tell him?

"Who were you with and why weren't you picking up???"

"I got worried about you! I'm so glad to know you're fine."

"Is something wrong? Why aren't you answering my calls?"

A female friend posts on his wall and tells him they should hang out sometime. What happens next?

I ask him about the girl and why she finds the need to post the message on his wall.

She's probably just his close friend.

*Clicks the girl's profile. Checks if she has a boyfriend. Single? Why does she need to post on his wall??? In a relationship? Does her boyfriend know she's doing this???*

He accidentally starts talking about his past relationships and his ex-girlfriends while you're having a conversation. How do you react?

"Uh huh. Is there anything you haven't told me about her yet?"

"Go on. Talk about her. I'm listening."

"Let's be clear about this. This is your ex-girlfriend you're talking about, right?"

You are watching a movie and he suddenly comments on how gorgeous the leading lady is. What do you tell him?

"Too bad you ended up with me."

"But you're lucky you got me!"

"Do you want me to scoop out your eyeballs? LOL, babe, just kidding! Or not."

Most of your fights are usually caused by...

...the little things, like when he tells me something and does the exact opposite or when he forgets to text me when he gets home.

...him and his "friendly" nature. He knows I don't like it when he gets too close with girls, but he says he can't help it if they treat him as their friend.

...nothing big. Sometimes I just want to start a fight with him for the heck of it!

You catch him lookiing at another girl while you're out on a date. What do you do?

*clears throat angrily*

He's just looking, no biggie!

"Heeey! Where are you looking???"


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