An Open Letter to the Guy I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life With

Then I met you, who was equally as guarded, and by some magical force in this universe you changed me.
by Danielle Bernabe   |  Mar 24, 2016
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I have always been a daredevil, never afraid to take ridiculous risks. I would not even hesitate to jump off a cliff, but I could never bring myself to take those gigantic leaps of faith into that vastly terrifying void of love. I created this gigantic fort around my heart and was terrified of anyone being able to get through it.

Then I met you, someone who was equally as guarded, and by some magical force, you changed that. You easily made me take down all the walls I had built around me and stubbornly tried to keep. We were two lost people afraid of falling in love, afraid of the damage it would cause us but somehow we gave each other a chance.

Our love story is nothing extraordinary. In fact, it's so common that it's pretty funny. We met in high school and were each other's first love. Even though everyone told us that we'd probably break up in the first few months of college, we never listened. We knew that what we had was far deeper than a high school relationship and here we are now, two years later still going strong.


People always ask me how we've managed to last this long and I always say the same thing. I tell them that the reason we have not given up on each other is because we choose each other every day.

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Even when we hate each other's guts, at the end of the day you're still the person I need to say I love you to.

You are still the person I want to see when I'm walking down the aisle. You are the person I want to come home to every day. You are the person whose smile I want to see on my children. You are the person who brings me the happiness no one else can. You are the person I'd live and die for. I'd do anything and everything just to always call you mine. You are the person who doesn’t complete me but rather complements me. You are the person I can't live without.


You are the love of my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Most people say you'll meet the love of your life before you turn 17, and it's crazy to think that I'm now one of those people who would 100% agree on this. Some call us naïve for thinking that we'd actually end up being the one for each other, but the thing is, they only say that because they could never really fully grasp the love we have for each other.

We're young, yes, but that is not the quantifier for the maturity of our love.

Our love was never the petty kind. It is the kind of love that brought out the best in each other. It is the kind of love that never aims to look at what we are able to gain from one another but the kind that cares about what we are able to give. It is the kind of love that grows through every hardship that it is put through. It is the kind of love very few people are even able to find, and usually when they do, they end up never really seeing the true value of it.


I'm beyond lucky to have you in my life. I know I'm not the most affectionate person and I'm thankful you love me despite that, but you need to know that I love you so much. I love you so much that words always escape me. They say I'm good at finding words and turning them into these beautiful pieces of art but the thing is when they ask me to try to describe our love, I never have the words. It's too majestic, too powerful to put into words. I know I'm not the perfect girl and I make mistakes all the time but know that I love you beyond words, beyond action, beyond feeling. I love you and you and only you. You are the person I know I'm going to spend the rest of my life with and it warms my heart knowing that if you read this, you won't be terrified at the prospect. You'd smile and say I love you too.


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