All the Struggles of Highly-Sensitive People In a Relationship

Did I do something wrong again?
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Sep 24, 2015
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Being highly-sensitive is tough enough. So imagine how hard it can be to be in a relationship, too. There are times when you just want to cry out of frustration because you can't express yourself out of concern for your bae. There's always that thinking that you should always be mindful of what to tell them, because he might get it the wrong way. But don't worry, Candy Girls, we totally understand your struggle of being a highly-sensitive person in a relationship.



 1  Messages sent to us without smileys or emojis keep us awake at night.

Is he mad? Is he busy? Did I do something wrong?

 2  That and getting no reply at all.

What's taking him so long anyway?

 3  We always think we're always the one who's more invested in the relationship.

Because we're usually the first ones to surrender to our feelings.

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 4  We tend to think that everything is our fault.

When the truth is a relationship is made up of two individuals who are responsible for it.

 5  We notice and remember the littlest things.

Even that time we were together and you were the one to let go of my hand first.

 6  We cry a lot.

Even during movie dates.

 7  We don't handle The Talk very well.

When bae says we need to talk, we suddenly panic and lose all strength to deal with the situation.

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 8  We end up sacrificing so much.

Even our own happiness.

 9  We never really get over someone or something.

Because memories are priceless for us and the people we love are irreplaceable.

But we hope you don't see this as something wrong and something to be corrected in you, Candy Girls. Being sensitive isn't wrong. It just goes to show that you have compassion for the people around you. That's perfectly fine.

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