10 Times Alexander Diaz Was the Most Hilarious Cutie On Twitter

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by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 28, 2014
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Alexander Diaz may have just begun his acting career last year, after being launched as a member of Star Magic Circle 2013 and gracing the cover of last year's Candy Cuties mini mag, but this guy proves he's here to stay. He knows how to act, dance, and sing—plus, he knows how to rock the Twitterverse with his hilarious one-liners and photos, gaining him tons of followers.

If we can give out an award to the most hilarious Twitter cuties, Alex will surely receive one. Just check out some of his funniest Twitter moments below:

1. That time he was grateful for the same things—proof that he's just like us and that this hierarchy of human needs is fo realz.

2. When he made fun of himself, and posted a photo that went with his tweet.

3. Then he wrote this poem that'll catch any girl's attention.

4. When he wanted to start a Jeje movement...

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5. ...but admitted that he needed practice when it comes to the language.


7. That time he understood how we all feel at 2AM.

8. When he revealed the best compliment we can give him.

9. That time he was a stage dad for his pet Lola, which made us adore him even more!

10. When he tweeted about his problem and we wanted to help him, even if we didn't really know how to dance.

Who are the cuties you follow on Twitter, Candy Girls? Make sure you're following us @candymagdotcom, too!

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