AJ Perez from A to Z

by Marla Miniano   |  Apr 3, 2010
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A: Where did your name Antonello come from?

It came from Antonio, my lolo's name. My dad says Antonello is the fifth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

B: How long have you been playing basketball?

I started playing at seven years old, and I was part of the varsity team in grade school. I'd play in the NBA if the salary's over a million dollars.

C: Who was your first crush? Kimberly Hart from the Power Rangers.

D: What car would you drive? I want to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo with my own money. But if gas is still expensive by then, I'd settle for a Honda Civic.

E: What kind of food can you eat everyday?

Jamaican patties!

F: What are the dynamics between you and your non-showbiz friends?

They're very supportive of what I'm doing and they understand why I'm always busy, but they're guys, so of course they tease me about being an artista.

G: Are you protective of your little brother, Gello?

I think I'm more of the "cool buddy" type than the "protective kuya" type, but if he gets into trouble, I know I'd come to the rescue.

H: Have you ever had your heart broken?

Not yet, and I'm not looking forward to it!

I: Who's the person you say "I love you" to the most?

My parents. I tell them everyday.

J: Tell us your favorite joke. A Filipino and an American are riding an elevator. It stops on a floor, the doors open, and another Filipino asks, "Bababa ba?" The first Filipino answers, "Bababa." The confused American looks at them and asks, "Did you just have a real conversation?"


K: What's your kryptonite?

Fast food! I try to watch what I eat, but I really can't resist unhealthy food. I eat whatever I want - I'm growing boy!

L: What's the deal with you and actress Lauren Young?

We're really close friends, and she's the only person I'd choose to be in love team with.

M: What type of music do you listen to on rainy days?

Alternative - Daughtry or David Cook.

N: How neat are you when it comes to your personal stuff?

I can be really messy, and I'm not O.C. about my stuff at all. But I do TRY to be neat.

O: What sites do you usually visit when you're online?

Candymag.com, of course! I also love Wikipedia, Friendster, and watching dance videos on Youtube, like the M&M Cru vs. ACDC showdown.

P: What's the most valuable lesson you've learned from your parents?

Never forget to flush the toilet before leaving the bathroom! And despite everything, always stay humble.

Q: When you want to impress someone, how would you treat her like a queen?

I'd simply be myself. Treating girls like queens comes naturally to me.

R: How do you deal with rumors?

What rumors?! Haha!

S: What's a sure sign that you're starting to like a girl?

I pay extra attention to her. I'm not really the type to be shy when my crush is around.

T: What are the coolest things about being a teenager?

Having great friends, going to parties, and constantly learning new things.

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U: Which university do you plan to attend?

Probably Ateneo or UP. I want to study film and be a director.

V: How vain are you?

I'm not vain - I only look at myself in the mirror when I see one! I like shopping and fashion, but I don't follow All the trends.

W: As a kid, what was your weirdest habit?

When I was five, I couldn't fall asleep without rubbing the tip of my cloth diaper while drinking milk from my bottle!

X: Can Exes be friends?

Yes, because there's no reason for two people who were once in love to not be able to forgive each other. I don't  think you can ever completely forget, though.

Y: What was the last text you receive yesterday?

"AJ, anong assignment bukas?" I'm very responsible kasi.

Z: What's the zaniest thing you've ever done?

Doing a cover shoot for Candy would have to be one of my craziest—but best—experiences ever. Thanks, Candy Girls!

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