A Peek Into the Mind...

...of a Torpe and a Player! Ever wondered what really goes on in their heads?
by Benjo Laurel   |  Sep 26, 2004
photo by Ben Nollora
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What is it with torpe guys that make you take a look? What is it with players that you can’t look away? You're nagged by a sneaky feeling that, depending on which of the two you're currently crushing on, he's either too good to miss out on, or too good to be true. Here’s a glimpse into the intriguing minds of the guys that girls just can’t figure out.

The Torpe
Jonjon is waiting at home for his girl’s text. He just asked her out for a midday movie.

I don’t understand why she acts that way. I like her and I’m pretty sure she knows it. If she doesn’t like me, then why does she go out with me? But if she likes me, why does she always flake on me? Three days ago, I asked her out for a movie. And she only tells me today that she can’t make it. I mean, she would’ve known yesterday that she had other plans today, right? Why does she keep me hanging only to drop me at the last second?


We’re just friends, I know. And that’s the good thing! I have nothing to lose if she doesn’t like me. It’s not like I'm proposing marriage. It's just a movie. Anyway, I wish she’d just tell me already if I had a chance…but not if I don’t. Okay, even if I don’t. It’s always better to know.

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No! Never mind! I don’t want to hear her say that!

I wonder how I could even like this girl!? How could I have thought that she was my type? I bring her home from school, I pick her up for gimmick, I bring her home from gimmick! I bought her three tulips at eight hundred pesos each…and all I get is a thank you and a smile! “You’re so sweet! You’re so nice!” That's all she says...

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