A Letter To My Style Crush

by Kat Austria   |  Apr 22, 2013
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Dear Kryz Uy,

I have thought long and hard about writing this letter without sounding too much of a fangirl. Putting together words to express how much I love your blog, your style, and your personality is quite easy.But I definitely don't want to scare you off at first read.

I actually had the chance to meet and interview you during the Candy Fair 2012. Just the fact that I would be seeing you got me excited, but getting to talk to you thrilled me even more! As starstruck as I was, I had to contain myself throughout our quick chat.

And speaking of Candy, it was how I discovered you. Candy Magazine's Style Diaries introduced me to your blog, Thirstythought. The first few posts I read caused me to come back frequently. After a few more visits, I was officially a new follower of your blog! It's always a joy to click the "Read More" arrow that leads to the next page of surprises. Despite having no new posts to read, previously published posts are still worth re-reading. I'm sure the other gazillion of readers can relate to this. I know it's not just me dreaming that one day, I'd be able to dress just like you.


You being my style crush could probably be similar to how you feel about the liquid leggings you own. Yes, it might be weird but you see, you overuse and abuse your leggings. In my case, I repeatedly find myself scrolling up and down your blog and going from page to page without ever getting tired of whatever you post. You manage to make every style work—from girly to sporty to edgy! It's just like how versatile and compatible liquid leggings are with every season of the year. The only difference, I guess, is that I'm not on the hunt for a new Kryz Uy. Who am I kidding? No one could simply replace my style inspiration!

You're someone who even at her 20s could still be able to unleash the 6-year-old kid inside her. You're someone who has become such an inspiration to those who hope to achieve success at a young age. You're someone who could mix and match pieces of clothing to fit every event or adventure. I could mention a whole lot more, but it would take forever. There,s one last thing I'd like to say, though. You're the one who proved that despite having been in a state similar to Andy's in The Devil Wears Prada, there's no giving up. Instead, we only need to work a little harder and believe that we could overcome anything, be anything we dream to be.

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And with that, here's to one of the most stylish Filipina bloggers, who inspires us all one outfit post at a time!

The Candy Girl at heart,

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