A Guy-ed to a Happy New You!

Rewind to 2003: His new year's resolutions for a (hopefully) better you.
by Lionel Z.S. Valdellon   |  May 20, 2008
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Everyone makes resolutions when the New Year hops around. Whether you actually live up to them is another story. We make these lists hoping to become better people. They are our little personal reminders, usually kept secret. But what if boys made the resolutions for girls? Imagine the things those lists would contain! We went out and asked a dozen boys their opinions. And even if they found our request unusual, they gave us their thoughts. Well, the secret's out-here are the seven things guys wish were at the top of every girl's 2003 resolutions:

You must resolve to: Say it straight.

Boys buzz: "When you say something, don't mean something else. Get straight to the point, especially when it's something important. Don't think that we can decipher everything, and then get mad when we can't. It just creates unnecessary tension, confusion, and hurt."

The details: The number one resolution for you girls, among all of us boys, has to do with better communication. We get lost. We're on different frequencies at times and can't read minds. We DO want to understand you girls, which is why we need to know that girls mean what they say. Saying "Let's be friends" is different from "Well, we can't be boyfriend-girlfriend because I'm not ready. But maybe in a few months?" Of course, this means girls must have the guts to spill the truth. It is always easier to hide behind nice little lies that don't mean much. But if this leads to confusion on the guy's part, is it worth it? One boy explained it proudly, "What can we do? We're dense!"

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