A Dozen Guys Share Their Embarrassing Moments

Sometimes, the wrong lines just spill out. Bet these boys wish they could yell, "Cut!"
  |  Sep 4, 2011
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Hitting the Lowlands
I overheard my crush and a pal talking about fave summer spots. When I heard my crush mention she loved staying at Tagaytay Highlands, I butted in and said, “I love Highlands too!” She asked me where I hung out, so I answered, "Sa may beach. Sarap maglakad sa shore.” They both laughed and my crush told me, "Wala namang beach do’n eh!” To add insult to injury, my friend teased, "Si Migz, nagpapasikat!” – Migz, 17

Mr. Misinterpreted
I was at my cousin’s debut when I saw a guy who wore a nice suit. I decided to compliment him so I went straight to him and said, “Hi! I saw you from afar and noticed your outfit looks good on you. It brings out your eyes!” The guy freaked out and asked me in a very concerned tone, “Are you gay?!” But before I could even give an answer, he left. I felt so embarrassed! –SMY, 18

Butting In
I was stranded in the school parking lot because my car overheated. I badly needed to go home, so I was so glad when my neighbor crush passed by and offered me a ride! In the car, she said, "Hey! How are you?” I told her I was fine but the car wasn’t, trying to make her laugh, She said, "Oh okay! Shucks, it’s so traffic today!” I replied with a comforting tone so that she’d feel all right. I was so happy we were talking so casually. Finally, she said, “Yeah, I guess! Well, I’ll just see you tomorrow! Bye!” She put down her phone and asked me, “Were you saying something?” My face turned so red! I guess I should check if she’s holding a phone the next time! –Louie, 18

Shine On
My friend was wearing a yellow tube top during a gimmick. I wanted to say her outfit was too loud, but I ended up saying, “Nakakasilaw ka naman!” She got mad because she thought I was referring to her shiny and big forehead. Yikes! –Gene, 18

What Goes Up Must Come Down
I visited my cousin’s campus. When I saw her, I came up to her form behind, lifted her up, and greeted her. "Uuuuy!” Surprised, she turned around and... she wasn’t my cousin! I was so embarrassed! –Gino, 17

A Royal Pain
My friend wanted some popcorn, so I went out to buy her some. The movie had already started when I came back in, so as I sat down, I teasingly threw popcorn at her face, and said, "Here’s your popcorn, Your Majesty.” To my surprise, she replied, "You’re in the wrong kingdom!” And then, my friend tapped me from behind and said, “What took you so long, servant?” How humiliating! –Angelo, 18

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