9 Things Guys Do That Girls Secretly Love

by Mira Blancada   |  Mar 4, 2017
Image: Pexels
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Guys can be annoying sometimes. He he. But let's admit it, they can be charming, too. They don't have to do anything extravagant to make us happy because these little things are enough to make us feel kilig without much effort. Can guys please do these things more often?

  1. When he plays with kids.

There's just something about guys playing with kids that's so adorbs! Especially, when kids love playing with them, too. Handling kids needs a lot of effort and perseverance. So when a guy can make them comply and happy at the same time, it means they're doing a good job at it.

  1. When he cooks. 


They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but that's also true when it comes to girls. We girls looooooove eating, there's no denying that. So when a guy knows how to cook, especially if it's our favorite dish, they're definitely getting a thousand pogi points!

  1. When he is a gentleman.

Who doesn't want a guy who can make you feel like a lady? Opening the door, letting you in first, and pulling the chair for you. Well, you don't really need a man to BE a princess, but sometimes (or most of the time), these little acts can really make our heart flutter.

  1. When he knows how to play an instrument.

When we see a guy playing an instrument, whether it's a guitar, piano, violin, or drums, it just completely takes our breath away. A perfect tune (or beat) that comes from the heart can make us smile any day.

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  1. When he is responsible.

A guy who's intelligent is something most girls secretly look for. They love it when a guy can help them with Math or can compete with them when it comes to grades. They don't have to have to be geniuses. As long as they're responsible with their acads, and don't let their grades go downhill, that's a huge plus to girls!

  1. When he is patient.

Let's admit it; girls really do take a lot of time to get ready. Or even just simply deciding what to wear, and where to eat. But that's also just because when girls decide, they want to be sure that's what they really want. So when guys understand how much they take their time, and can wait for an hour (or two) for them, he's a keeper.

  1. When he can dress well.

Guys who know how to look sharp is something girls really admire. They don't have to be a fashion expert, but just simply knowing how to look good in every occasion can really get a girl's attention. Plus, seeing guys wear smart casual is an OMG moment for the ladies, promise!

  1. When he wears the right fragrance.

When guys smell good, it makes them 10 times more attractive. In general, girls are just really obsessed with things that smell good. So when a guy wears the right fragrance (something not too strong for their taste), and is sitting close to them, everything seems right in the world. 

  1. When he has a good sense of humor.

This is probably the most attractive trait any guy can have! Laughing is one of the greatest pleasures in life because it's genuine. That's why most girls prefer the funny guy than the pretty boy because being with someone who can make you laugh is something we'd want forever.

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