8 Things That Go Through An Awkward Girl's Mind When Meeting Guys

Do you like cheese? Because I love cheese very much.
by Arrah Balucating   |  Jul 5, 2015
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Unfortunately, some of us weren't born social butterflies. Especially with guys—most especially with guys. So here it is; an account of what goes on in our heads when we try our hand at socializing with the boys.

 1  Hide. Run away before it's too late. Pretend to not notice him. Whatever it takes to abort mission.

Seeing guys a mile away gives us all the jitters and we want to save ourselves from further humiliation. Ugh, do we really have to go with this? We think we're perfectly fine with, you know, avoiding all sorts of human contact.

 2  Do I wave back? Or do I say 'hey' to make it sound more casual? How in the world do I start or follow through with this conversation?

Oh no, he's coming this way. Definitely and unmistakeably my way and he's waving! And what's that? He's mouthing a 'hi'! Okay, okay, calm down. Chill. Chill. I ain't got no chill. Okay, breathe. What should I do? Help?!


 3  Oh I like Swiss cheese. Yeah, probably that one.

What? That's the first totally random thing that popped in our heads—the most normal conversation starter our brain can wrap itself around. He'll definitely pick up on that.

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 4  Sigh. He's totally cute. He's actually perfection personified.

Like any girl, the slow motion thing with cute guys can happen to us too. Time stops and every single detail about them is magnified. For instance, we think: he looks so gorgeous with his hair pulled back and isn't he the nicest? Plus his eyes, it can see right through me and that's just one of his many attributes. This is what perfect looks like!

 5  He's looking at me all funny. I probably look like hell. Or is it something in my teeth? Does my breath stink? Was it something I said? What is it? What is itttt?

Our brains are working on overdrive, mentally searching for reasons why he seems to be smiling weirdly. Wait, why is he laughing? Is he laughing at me? He's most likely making fun of me in his head right now.


 6  Grool! Oh wait, is that even a word and did I just say that out loud?

Oh wait, he's letting my weirdness go unnoticed. Or maybe he's just being polite? I can't believe it, it's been past the 3 minute mark and here he is, still talking to me. And all I could think about is things at random and all these odd facts I read about the other day on Google. My mind is forming incoherent words and new twisted languages it made up by itself. He's saying he wants to hang out sometime. And I think, Grool. And before I stop myself, I say it out loud when I meant to say something along the lines of great or cool. I swear, I could see confusion and that-girl's-a-weirdo all over his face. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want to talk to me again. Huhu.

 7  Sometimes, what's going on in our heads is pretty good actually. It just doesn't translate that way into umm, real life.


You and I are having a smooth and easy flowing conversation. Well in my head, at least. But unfortunately that trumps the awkward girl's realities of getting tongue-tied, tripping on words, and having our very own lingo that only we understand.

 8  I hope the earth miraculously opens up and swallows me right now. Ugh, so embarrasing.

No words. Universe, work your magic and do wonders please. Take back time or make him forget everything that just happened here, maybe?

Everyone has their awkward moments; we just have them more and on the regular. We really are the worst overthinkers and the most socially uncomfortable, shyest types. But maybe this is really just a phase. We'll grow out of our shell soon, you'll see.

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