7 Ways Geminis Love Differently

Because we all love and want to be loved in a different way.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 25, 2017
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Geminis are known to be idealistic and to switch moods easily. How they feel one minute is different from how they feel the next, and they usually leave people feeling confused and unsure. That's why it's safe to say that loving a Gemini is no easy job. But we know you clicked this to know more about how you can love your Gemini babe better, so here are a few things you should remember.

  1. Don't be afraid to be spontaneous.

Don't be afraid to ask them to go on adventures and try new things. Geminis love trying something new and experiencing surprises every now and then. So if you want to try a new restaurant or watch a movie that you're not sure she'll like, just ask her, and she'll be game to do it with you for sure.

  1. Spend time talking to them.

Geminis love good conversations. Aside from talking to them about how their days went or what they think of that new TV series you're both watching, make sure you show them that you know how to listen, too. Believe it or not, they can sense whenever you're bored or whenever you're just nodding your way through a conversation.

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  1. Don't worry when they get fickle.

They're wired that way, so don't worry when they're so warm today and a bit distant tomorrow. Or if they're clingy towards you today and so busy the next. As mentioned, Geminis can change their thoughts and moods frequently...and unless you did something wrong, then there's no cause for alarm.

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  1. Let them have their own adventures.

While Geminis love trying new things with you, there are also times when they will want to do some things on their own. Don't try and put them in a cage. There will really be moments when they want to do things and experience new adventures alone. Just let them.

  1. Assure them constantly.

Geminis are very open about how they feel and about their thoughts. They will tell you what's bothering them or what they're worried about. What do you do? Just assure them that everything's going to turn out fine and that whatever happens, you'll be with them through everything.

  1. Avoid yelling at them or raising your voice.

They are very sensitive, that's why they appreciate it whenever you communicate with them. But never raise your voice and use an annoyed tone on them. This will just send them running away and feel hurt.

  1. They will always want to get in touch with their emotions.

That's why they always need their Me Time. When that moment comes, just let them go their own way. Geminis need some time alone to breathe, process everything, and find meaning in their lives.

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