7 Things That Make A Candy Cutie According To Kenjee Dee's Instagram

Wondering what makes a Candy Cutie? Here are a few things.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jul 14, 2014
PHOTO Instagram
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A Candy Cutie...

1. ...has come to terms with the fact that he had an awkward stage in life. Who hasn't?

2. ...isn't afraid to show his goofier side, because he'll look cute no matter what.

3. ...loves his parents, the source of his A+ genes.

4. ...charms his way through every girl's heart with just his smile. Well, that's the first step.

5. ...has a big heart for kids and adorable little ones.

6. ...loves his family. Lucky little sister!

7. ...grows a mustache once in his life that will make us love him more to bits!

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