The 7 Signs You’re Falling For Your Guy Best Friend

He's your guy best friend, but suddenly he's starting to look much cuter than before.
by Ces Tan   |  Jun 23, 2015
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Most girls have a token guy best friend who they can count on for absolutely anything! He's the one with the guy's point of view when you're having boy problems, he's the one who asks you for advice when he has girl problems, and he's the one who likes to geek out with you over sports or video games when you're other girl friends really aren't into it. You always have a good time with him, but lately you start to think of him as more than just a friend. So much so that recently you've been feeling a little different around him. It's alright, falling for your guy best friend is totally normal! Here's how you can know if you're falling for him and if you might want to consider taking your relationship from best friend to boyfriend.

 1  You prefer his company over others.


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You have a lot of friends, but for some reason he's the one you always want to talk to. When you feel down, or have problems— you know you can easily talk to your sister or your BFF— but you feel like the right person to vent to is your guy best friend. And more importantly, you want him to be the only one who knows about the things you're going through or feeling. You also feel like you want to spend quality time with him. When you need to go out, you start to prefer just the two of you— not the rest of the barkada, not for your BFF to tag along— but really just you and him! You look for him constantly on your contacts list on FB chat or you always want to text him. You've been talking to him much more often and you really enjoy your conversations.


 2  You begin to notice how attractive he's becoming.


"When did he start looking so gorgeous in that polo? Why is he so cute since he cut his hair? Is it just me or did he get more buff since he started working out?" You've been catching yourself asking these questions and you really aren't complaining. The nerd you knew last year is suddenly an all out cutie and you can't really pin point what it is about him. You just suddenly realized it. More than that, you're also noticing how sweet he really is— when he offers to drive you somewhere, opens the door for you, or helps you out with your school work. For some reason you're appreciating his friendly gestures much more than before.


 3  You always want to check on him and go out of your way to make him happy.


You text him constantly to check if he's okay, you always check his Facebook profile and Twitter feed to see what he posts, and  you worry about where he is or what he's doing. You wouldn't normally be this way for your other friends, but with him you always want him to be happy. When you do notice something he says online, you ask him what's wrong and offer your help because you've become really concerned about him! You buy him food when you know he'll be busy, you watch his basketball game to cheer him on, and you bake him cookies because it's his favorite. It may be a little hassle, but you don't mind since it's him.


 4  You start giving meaning to the things he does around you.


He noticed that your outfit matched perfectly, and after you were smiling the whole day! You also feel extra pretty when he tells you that you are. When he tells you something personal, you feel extra special that he's trusting you. When he invites you out, you get really excited and prepare for it. All the little things start to matter with him— even just the way he smiles, the way he asks for your opinion, the sticker he sent you on Viber— everything starts to become a sign!


 5  You get jealous when he talks about or goes out with other girls.


When he tells you about the pretty girl he saw in the hall, you can't help but roll your eyes and wonder what about her he thought was pretty. When he talks about his crush you try to be supportive and help him get her, but really you can't help but wish that he would stop trying to go for her at all. You can't help it, but you start comparing yourself with the girls he likes and try to divert the attention when he talks about them.


 6  You think of him when you hear love songs.


Suddenly "You Belong With Me" has a totally new meaning to your life, and you can't help but imagine him dedicating "All of Me" to you. The radio seems to be speaking to you when it plays all these love songs that remind you of him. You only wish you could sing "I Really like You" to him with all your heart and for him to sing "Little Things" right back.


 7  You try to resist thinking about him that way.


After reading this whole list and nodding along remembering that this is how you feel, you realize that you don't want to fall for him! He's your guy best friend, you shouldn't be falling in love with him! But of course you can't help your feelings. You know you have to resist it— so that your friendship doesn't get ruined. It's a scary thought losing your best friend because of what you're feeling. What if he doesn't feel the same way? What if it becomes awkward with you guys? What's really hard though, is having to pretend like the feelings don't exist too! You can't just hold your feelings in forever, right?


Of course you can't really decide who you fall in love with, but it's all part of growing up–enjoying the kilig moments, but also bearing through the sawi ones. Don't forget that what matters most is what makes you happy, Candy Girl!

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