7 Little Signs You're In a Serious Relationship

Because it's the little things that matter.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 23, 2016
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So how do you know exactly you're in a serious relationship? There are big signs—like him knowing your likes and dislikes by heart or when he knows how to cheer you up during a bad day or those moments when he knows how to crack up your dad. But there are also those little signs, little things that may not seem to amount to anything, but when you start looking at the bigger picture, these tiny details actually make your relationship stronger.

Sometimes you just know in your heart that you're in this with your guy for the long run, but sometimes you also need teeny tiny reminders that what you have is worth fighting for. To help you with that, we've rounded up a few sweet, little signs that can keep your mind at ease and let you know that you and your guy are in one serious relationship.

  1. You both unconsciously use "we" and "our" during conversations.

    Most people have a problem with sharing things and would instantly run away at its slightest clue. So when you and your guy find yourselves referring to yourselves as one, then you both have no problem sharing bigger things, decisions, and choices with each other.

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  2. He doesn't mind buying you personal, embarrassing items.

    Even your brother cringes when you ask him to buy facial masks, lip balm, or facial wash. So when your guy understands and willingly buys you something embarrassing like feminine pads, he's definitely a keeper.

  3. His parents or siblings have something for you on your birthday or on Christmas.

    You go along so well with his family that they rememember to give you presents on special occasions. There are even times when you go to his house and talk to his family even without having him around.

  4. You can look your worst around him.

    And by worst we mean he has seen you with an unwashed face and uncombed hair in the morning. He's also visited you when you were sick and have talked to you without scrunching his nose even when you haven't brushed your teeth the whole day. Aww!

  5. You have to watch certain shows and movies only with him.

    You both understand that SupergirlBig Bang TheoryCommunity, and all those Pixar movies are something only the two of you can watch. No one dares to go against this understanding—even if you have to wait for weeks before you can watch the latest episode.

  6. He gave you his passwords, and not because you asked for it or in exchange for yours.

    That's how much he trusts you. He trusts that you won't go snooping around or using this "right" to go behind his back—well, unless it's to plan sneaky surprises for his birthday then go for it.

  7. You can munch food off his plate and he doesn't get angry.

    As we said earlier, most people have a problem with sharing. So if he doesn't mind you taking some fries and spoonfuls of ice cream off his meal, then that just means he doesn't mind sharing bigger things with you.


Got guy troubles you want us to discuss? Let us know in the comments. We'll try our very best to help. :)

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