7 Dating Problems Only Girls Surrounded By Brothers Will Understand

by Gianna Banzon   |  Jan 31, 2015
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  1. No matter how nice your date is, your brothers will find a way to intimidate him or be maangas around him.

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    They will probably try to crush his fingers, too, when they shake his hand. Also, expect snide comments about your guy's handshake—too soft, he's not man enough for you; too hard—he's being mayabang. In fact, they will comment on pretty much everything about him—the way he looks, his fashion sense, his personality, his posture. There has to be something wrong.

  2. You can't leave the house without them inspecting your #OOTD for approval.

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    "What are you wearing? You're not leaving the house wearing half a shirt. Go change." It's called a crop top, Kuya. If you don't listen to him, he will get your parents to back him up. He's not doing it to be mean though. He just doesn't want weird guys ogling you. It's annoying, but perfectly understandable.

  3. Kuya's cute, older, mature friends = Strictly OFF LIMITS!

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    You think: "But…but…Okay." Sorry, but there is no way he is ever going to let his friends near his baby sister. He knows them and their kalokohan too well. It's bad enough that his friends think you're really pretty—in a little sister kind of way (UGH). But if you start flirting with them, all hell will break loose. It will really stress your brother out. If you want to date older guys, that's fine. Just try to avoid Kuya's best friends as much as possible.

  4. Their opinion of your new guy is just as important as your dad's.

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    If your guy makes a bad first impression, don't expect his next visit to be pleasant. Your brothers will give him a hard time every chance they get. Things will only get worse if your date doesn't make an effort to get on their good side. Say goodbye to alone time in the TV room, because they will make it a point to interfere somehow.

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  5. They will stalk your new boy on social media or ask common friends about him. If they don't like what they see or hear, they will tell you (and him) off.

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    It doesn't matter if the photo or status he saw was posted three years ago. If he gets sketchy vibes from the guy you're dating, your brother is not going to brush it off that easily. Keep in mind that your well-being is his top priority. Don't get mad at him for being overprotective. If he gets a weird vibe from your guy, there must be a reason behind it.

  6. Don't even think about any form of PDA because they are WATCHING and they will CATCH YOU.

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    *Poke, poke* Time to say good night—or goodbye... forever. The last thing you want is to get caught by your brothers kissing or hugging a guy. Trust us, it will not end well. Also, can you say AWKWARD? You won't be able to look them in the eye for weeks.

  7. Once they see you crying, they will automatically assume it's your guy's fault (even if it isn't).

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    Well actually, it probably is. But before you can even explain what really happened, your brother will be halfway to your guy's house, ready to give him a piece of his mind. If he's really mad, he will bring along his barkada with him.


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