7 Answers to the Question "Break Na Pala Kayo?"

Why do we even have to explain everything to everyone?
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Sep 5, 2016
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Breaking up with someone is already a painful situation to be in. But what hurts more is when you're just trying to forget about the incident and there are some people who beg for you to relive it again and tell them what exactly happened because they haven't heard about it yet. Tired of dealing with the question "Break na pala kayo?" every time someone hears about your breakup for the first time? Here are some answers to help you.

1. "Yes, we've broken up. Ayan, updated ka na."

Since updates are what they're waiting for.

2. "Sorry, I forgot I had to inform you."

Why do these people think you have to tell them every life-changing decision you've made?

3. *drinks coffee*

I don't have to explain any of my decisions to anyone.

4. "Yes, we have. Now, partyyy!"

Because crying in public is too mainstream.

5. "Yes, we have. Want to see me cry now?"


Isn't that what people expect you to do?

6. "I really wouldn't want to talk about it."

Because if you don't want to, they just have to deal with that.

7. "Oh, no one told you? Here's the press release."

It gets tiring to explain the details to everybody.

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