6 Little Signs You Might've Missed That You've Moved On

*plays "Shoutout To My" Ex by Little Mix*
by Alyssa Jose   |  Oct 21, 2016
Image: MCA Music Art: Clare Magno
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You never knew that you were capable of feeling that much pain until the day he told you it's over. That heartbreak knocked you down; wrecked you to the point that you thought there is no getting back up from it. Today, you realized you were wrong.

It has been months now and you don't even know how you got from that devastation to where you are now at this very moment. One day you just woke up and the heavy in your heart is gone. He is no longer your first thought when you open your eyes in the morning, because finally, you are your first thought.

  1. You've finally deleted that one last remaining photograph of him on your phone.

It was one of those silly selfies he took using your phone a few months back. There's no reason to keep it saved in your gallery now so you press delete without even flinching, as if you're just deleting a blurred photo of your dog. #MaliitNaBagay

  1. You don't check his Twitter account anymore.

You know you have moved on when you don't feel the need to check his social media accounts every few hours just to know what he has been up to. You cringe at how much time you wasted refreshing his feed before though, but what matters is that you're never looking back.

  1. You stomach doesn't drop anymore whenever you see him.

It took you a long time but you've made it, finally. You are finally cool when you run into him in an event and that is an impressive feat, girl! You can now say goodbye to the awkward iwasan and the crying in the bathroom, because you are a-okay. Plus you are looking better than ever so no need to hide from him!


  1. You have stopped feeling the need to post pictures of yourself online where you're "having fun" because you actually are having fun with your life.
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You're done with all the "winning the breakup" drama because the breakup doesn't even matter to you anymore. You're just focused on slaying in all aspects of your life and we couldn't be prouder of you.

  1. You can watch a romantic movie without breaking down.

Remember when you used to start sobbing five minutes into The Notebook? Well, gone are those days because you can finally enjoy your favorite chick-flicks without thinking about him. Just the thought of not having to share your ice cream with anyone during the movie makes you the happiest girl. 

  1. You forget the little things about him.

You start to forget his go-to coffee order. You don't remember him whenever you pass by his favorite fro-yo shop. A car with the same color as his is now just a car. You stop checking his horoscope because "What is his sign again?”"This. This is how you know you've made it.


We just want to say that we are proud of you for putting your big-girl pants on and picking yourself up from that low point in your life. To better days ahead!

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