5 Ways You Can Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet

Whether it involves guys or not, this one will be your best one yet, Candy Girls.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jan 1, 2015
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Whether you're single or you're in a relationship, 2015 will surely be the best year you'll ever have if you have enough optimism to start it with. While you don't always have to wait for a new year to have a fresh start, there's just something about a brand new one that keeps your spirits up and about and ready to conquer whatever life decides to give you. Now all you have to do is brace yourselves for an awesome year, Candy Girls. Here's how.

  1. Go spring cleaning. First of all, you have to make space for what is yet to come. How can you do that when you're holding on to a lot of stuff you cannot even use or to things that are ready to be thrown out? Only keep the things you can use. If you really want to remember the items and those memories that come with it, take photos of them to keep. That way, you'll save some storage space for all the great things coming your way.

  2. Let go of unnecessary feelings. Your room isn't the only thing that needs spring cleaning. You need that one for your heart, too. Determined to start fresh in 2015? Let go of that guy and those persons who's just hurting you or breaking your heart or making you feel bad about yourself. Forgive and forget and make a promise to move on.

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  3. Set relationship goals. Want to focus on yourself this year? List down a few things you want to do on your own for 2015. Feeling like you're ready for a brand new relationship? Take deep breaths and know that things are going to be okay. Want to bond more with your family and friends? Ask them to plan for your vacays and trips out of town early. Give your relationship goals as much time as you want.

  4. Open yourself up to changes and new possibilities. Is there a guy who's not really your type, but has proven that he really loves you so much? Why don't you get to know him better and give him a chance? Is there a girl from Algebra class you've always wanted to be friends with, but you're scared to make the first move? Take that first step this year. Get into new adventures and always give things and people a chance. You really won't know what you're capable of and what's going to happen if you keep closing your doors on them just because they sound intimidating.

  5. Look around you and all the great things you have. Sometimes you just don't notice how much you have until you spend a few minutes of your time soaking in all of life's goodness. Set a few minutes every day this year to thank life for all the people around you, especially when you feel like you're having a bad day. Being grateful helps a lot, we promise.

Have an incredible 2015, Candy Girls!

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