5 Ways to Shut Down People Who Keep Asking You "Bakit Mahal Mo Pa Rin S'ya?"

"You want to make this choice for me?"
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Nov 14, 2016
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It can't be avoided sometimes that your friends (and your family, even!) do not approve of the person you love or the person you are dating. You know that it doesn't really matter whatever it is that they tell you to do, but there are just times when it gets exhausting to listen to them complain about your choices. For moments like that, we have what you need exactly: ways to shut them down without being too harsh.

  1. "Natuturuan mo ba ang puso kung sino'ng dapat mahalin?"

Because can you, really? They know that if you could, you'd stop loving them.

  1. "Kaya mo bang turuan ang puso kong magmahal ng iba?"

Get back at them with a question and ask them to show you how—since they're being so smart about it anyway. LOLJK!

  1. "You just don't see him the way I see him."

Admit it, your friends can be judgmental sometimes, too. Ask them to get to know him first before they tell you to stop liking him—unless he has a reputation?

  1. "You want to make this choice for me?"

Again, since they're being so all-knowing about it, why don't they just make the choice for you.

  1. "Who are you, are you my mom? Stop telling me what to do!"

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They should understand that at the end of the day, the choice is still yours to make. Whatever it is you decide to do, they should be beside you at the very least to catch you just in case you fall. They don't have to support what you decide to do, but they should learn to respect it.

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