5 Ways To Help Out The Guys In Your Life

Handy tips for helping boys get out of their most worrisome situations.
by Tricia Placido   |  Aug 5, 2010
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Heartbreak Kid

The scene: Your guy pal is not in his usual kengkoy mood and can barely utter a “hi” when he picks you up for badminton. Some major prodding later, he finally spills the beans... Your dearest boy bud just got dumped by the love of his life!

His move: The way guys deal with heartbreak is a very personal matter, so be very sensitive when treading this territory. He’ll prefer to stay quiet when faced with a difficult problem like a heartache—it’s in his nature. My brother didn’t talk to anyone for a week (except for a pal or two) after his sweetie called it quits with him.

Your feel-better move: No matter how tempting it is, don’t nag him to death or force your guy pal to talk about his problem.  Just let him know you’re aware of the situation, and you’ll be there for him anytime he needs a bud. Give him his space. He’ll eventually open up to you when he’s ready. 

Once he opens up, make a conscious effort to listen. Avoid talking about yourself, and don’t compare his problem with yours. Most of all, don’t start badmouthing the ex-girlfriend (even if you never liked her to begin with!). Remind him, also, that it’s not the end of the world, though he may feel that way. Keep him company. Be his one-woman pep squad. Let him know there’s an ocean of girls out there who would love to date him (because he’s cute, smart, funny… pile on the compliments here), and that finding someone who’ll make him much happier won’t be that difficult to do. Maybe you can even set him up with a friend or two later on.

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