5 Ways To Help Out The Guys In Your Life

Handy tips for helping boys get out of their most worrisome situations.
by Tricia Placido   |  Aug 5, 2010
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House Arrest

The scene: He either partied too late the night before, or took out the family car without permission, or got bad grades... No wonder your brother’s under house arrest. 

His move: Bro’s definitely sulking and  bummed out at the thought of staying home 24/7 when he could be out partying with his posse.  

Your feel-better move: Explain to your brother (without sounding like Mom) that being grounded for breaking house rules is a perfectly reasonable punishment. (You’d be grounded, too, if you went against your parents’ wishes.)  Ask him not to compare himself with his other friends who can get away with staying out till five in the morning—not all households are created equal. 

In the meantime, why don’t you turn his “grounding” experience into a positive one by staying home as well? Go ahead and rent all those movies you’ve both been meaning to watch. Order a pizza from the nearest Yellow Cab, and chow down while catching your favorite TV shows. Play video games together. Use this time to get closer to your sibling, and pretty soon, he’ll be less than depressed about staying home. 

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