5 Ways To Help Out The Guys In Your Life

Handy tips for helping boys get out of their most worrisome situations.
by Tricia Placido   |  Aug 5, 2010
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Dog-gone World

The scene: Buster, your boyfriend’s dog and favorite companion next to you, suddenly dies, and you’ve never seen him so sad. 

His move: This will definitely pain your sweetie, he may even cry. This is definitely one of the rare occasions where your boyfriend will reveal his more sensitive side to you. Besides, he cannot really share his sadness for the loss of his dog with his other guy friends (who may tease him and call him a wimp for being so “trivial”). 

Your feel-better move: Be extra understanding and sensitive about his feelings. Just as with the loss of any loved one, extend your consolation. What you do next really depends on your guy. If he looks as though he wants to talk, listen to what he has to say. On the other hand, if it seems your guy doesn’t want to dwell on his dog’s death, then distract him by taking him to the mall and treating him to a cup of his favorite coffee or to that movie he’s been wanting to see. That will surely lift his spirits!

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