5 Ways To Help Out The Guys In Your Life

Handy tips for helping boys get out of their most worrisome situations.
by Tricia Placido   |  Aug 5, 2010
photo by Pat Dy
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True or false? Guys are so tough, independent, and smart, they can solve all problems that come their way with a snap of their fingers and without anyone’s help! Come to think of it, your kuya, boyfriend, and guy buds never seem to worry about anything apart from catching the next basketball game or acquiring the latest gadgets. Just why is it that their lives are so anxiety-free?

Well, Candy Girl, keep in mind that no one sails through life without having to weather rainstorms every now and then. The truth is, guys are not invincible, and their lives are definitely not problem-free. They just don’t handle the little mishaps life throws their way in the same way girls do. A guy doesn’t call up his pals immediately to discuss his predicament in detail. He doesn’t go to the mall and try to console himself over an impromptu shopping spree with his barkada. Neither is it true that a guy prefers to deal with a problem alone. Most boys we’ve asked have shared that they would welcome help if it is offered... (although they admit to having difficulty opening up or clamming up if prodded). 

Car Trouble

The scene: Your best buddy got a brand new Beamer as a graduation present from his parents, only to get it dented after barely a week of driving it around the city. As if getting into an accident weren’t enough, his parents suspend his driving privileges for three months! What a total nightmare!

His move: Your pal comes to your doorstep, utterly depressed by the whole incident. He complains his punishment was unfair. The accident was not at all his fault, and he cannot believe his parents have sentenced him to the social equivalent of life imprisonment (Three months of no driving?! Come on!!!).   

Your feel-better move: The best thing to do is to try to veer him away from his misery. (He already knows how it feels to be miserable, so he doesn’t want to hear it from you, too.) Get him to see the positive side of the situation. Tell him it’s a good thing he got out of it unhurt (physically anyway, since his ego might be a bit bruised). And while three months of not driving does suck, it is not the end of the world.  He’ll eventually get his privilege back. In the meantime, if you have a car, why don’t you offer him a ride around town so he can still do his stuff? He’ll be very thankful for it!


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