5 Warning Signs That Your Guy Might Be Breaking Up With You

by Bryan Cruz   |  Jul 31, 2010
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Yes, guys don’t simply leave their girlfriends the moment they find something wrong with the relationship. In fact, different reasons bring them to different stages that help them clear things up, and help warn their significant others of what may come. So if you think your boyfriend is already in one of these stages, then that might mean trouble for your relationship. So look out for these warning signs and be prepared for the storm that could be on its way.

The “Does-She-Still-Love-Me?” Stage
Guys will always be guys. And yes, ego will always be an issue. If you think it’s embarrassing to find out that the guy you’ve been loving for the past seven months stopped loving you five months ago, multiply that humiliation by 10 to get an idea of how a guy, with all his male ego and masculinity, would feel. So as soon as your boyfriend feels that he is at the risk of being dismissed, he enters this stage.

In this stage, guys become little boys in a science lab class and you become their little experiment. They test you and observe you so they can arrive at their little conclusions. This is also a stage where your guy constantly feels the fear of being rejected. Because of this, he may decide to break up with you just so you don’t break up with him.

Signals to look out for:
When he is constantly fishing for compliments, when he asks you to do silly things for him just to see how you will react, when he tries distancing himself from you (by not calling/texting as much, or by not asking you out) and waiting for you to make a move.


How to get him out of this stage:
Assure him you love him (if you do) and play along with his little experiments.

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