5 Types of Guys: Why We Love Them And Can't Stand Them At The Same Time

by Mimi Lopez   |  Jul 21, 2010
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That men are from Mars is an understatement and the source of the confusion can’t all be attributable to PMS. Let’s face it: nothing confounds, bewilders, perplexes, baffles, and mystifies us more than men do. With boys, you never can tell, and you can very well find yourself progressing from one very perfect moment to one you’d prefer to forget.  Some girls, left high and dry by their Romeos, have given up cracking down on the paradox and have taken to pets.  They have a point, a tiny one. Pets are more predictable, really.

Then again, the jury’s still out on whether it’s true that girls need boys like a fish needs a bicycle.  We’re left to wait and wonder whether there’s ever a guy so perfectly attuned to their feminine side that the pros to dealing with him outweigh the cons one hundred to none. On the one hand, we know the truisms by heart: there are two sides to every coin, the good has to be taken with the bad and that too much of a good thing ain’t fair. On yet another, we’re really wishing that there’s less of the angry chick music and more of the sappy sonatas already. We’re sure that if boys were so easy to figure out, then Kelly Clarkson would be wearing more makeup.

But we’ll leave the psychoanalyzing to a shrink. This time, we’re taking five kinds of boys and figuring out in what ways they tick us off or turn us on. Set out cut and dry, we might even be able to realize whether we can’t stand them, or can’t stand without them.


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