5 Reminders for the Girl Who's Having a Hard Time Moving On

Because we need all the support we can get during part of our lives.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 27, 2016
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If you're still finding it difficult to let go and finally move on from your ex-boyfriend or ex-something, don't worry. We went through our archive and found these helpful quotes from some of our favorite reads to help make this process easier for you. You can do it, Candy Girls!

  1. Don't change your whole life just because you lost your bae or your relationship. Go about your day like you usually would, while getting tons of rest after everything. 

    "Stick to your schedule. You are feeling lost and confused, so following your daily routine will give you a sense of order and even a distraction from thinking about him." —The Breakup Manual
  2. No matter how difficult it may be, enjoy your alone time. It will feel weird at first, but once you focus on something else like a hobby or even reading a book, your days will feel better. This time in your life isn't supposed to feel like a punishment, but something to learn from.

    "You have to do something liberating. Give yourself a break, and enjoy your own company. At one point, you have to face your heartaches alone—without expecting someone to hug you. You also need to be known as you and not as the girl of. At one point, you have to face the world, learn to hold your own hand, and grow up." —When You're Suddenly On Your Own
  3. It's okay to feel sad. We even encourage that you spend time being sad. You need to let out all those negative feelings inside of you. Holding them in will just make things worse. Feel sad, cry, and get mad if you have to. Just make sure that after you scream your heart out, you'll spend the next weeks taking care of it.

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    "You get to feel one of the most intense and soul-shaking, kind of to-your-core deep, and most alive feelings there is to a human being. I'd say thumbs up to heartbreak because people have based their entire artistic careers on heartbreak... I'd say thumbs up, but heartbreak sucks because it hurts really bad." —On Heartbreak, Stage Fright, and Cheating
  4. Wish him love, even if it hurts. Someday, you'll fall for someone too. Wouldn't you want him to feel happy for you too?

    "I will be forever thankful that our paths have crossed at some point. But for now, I have to let go. Please be his rock, be his inspiration. Help him achieve his dreams. Always carry him in your heart. I want him to be truly happy even if that means that I cannot be part of his life anymore. Above all, I hope you give him the love that he deserves—the kind of love that I failed to deliver." —An Open Letter to His New Girlfriend
  5. One day, you'll realize you're okay. You won't even know that you are. Suddenly, things will look and feel better and the pain isn't as heartbreaking anymore. Then it'll dawn on you while you're going about your daily tasks that we really do move on from things, from love. No matter how long it takes. It's possible.

    "You'll find yourself waking up one day, totally tired of all the tears and realizing that you no longer feel sorry for yourself." —How to Get Over Him

Got guy troubles you want us to help you with? Let us know in the comments. We'll try our very best to help! :)

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