5 Things to Expect When You're Dating a Writer

It will be beautiful.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Sep 23, 2016
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Much has been said about writers. They say that writers are creative and graceful individuals who manage to produce something beautiful even under the most heartbreaking circumstances. That it's never really black and white in a writer's world; there will always be some color you can't seem to identify and put a name on. That even in the happiest situations, they're still stained with sadness brought about by something they felt, read, or seen—some inner conflict no one else will understand.

A lot of things they say about writers are probably true. Some of them, maybe not. But if there's one thing people can agree on, it's this: dating a writer can be both beautiful and challenging. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Writers are also readers.

Expect them to go on and on and on about the books or the stories they read, the characters they fell in love with, the adventures they wish they had a chance to take, and a whole lot more. Beautiful stories take their breath away, so they try their best to read at least one a day. 

  1. Writers are sensitive.

They are observers by nature. A little rise or fall in the tone of your voice never goes unnoticed. The slightest movement of your lips or your eyebrows will cause them to over-think if they said or did something wrong. They can easily detect if you're having a good or bad day, and will try their best to make you feel better in case you're having it bad.

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  1. They pay attention to details.

Writers remember dates, addresses, even their OOTD on your first date. They remember the joke you said just to ease the tension during one of your arguments. They remember a TV series you love or a restaurant you've always wanted to try even if you just mentioned those things in passing. Best of all, they pay attention to what they're saying and how they're saying things—because they know very well how powerful words are.


  1. Writers are very familiar with heartbreak, sadness, and even rejection.

Because they easily feel, they know what it's like to let go, to let other people win even if they lose, to wrap their arms around another person's body, to fill the gaps between another person's fingers, to look into another person's eyes and see someone else's reflection in them that's not their own. They are familiar with emotions and feelings you never knew existed... and they will have a million and one words to describe those.

  1. There's always something new and different for them and with them.

Because, as we said, they have a million and one words to describe one moment or one feeling, each day and date with them is never the same. They will open your eyes, heart, and mind to a different world—a place they created with their own imagination and the words they stitched together. Conversations with them will feel like they're touring you in their hearts and minds, in the thoughts they never imagined sharing with another human being. The best part? Whenever they remember important moments in your lives, in your relationship, they always have something new to offer you—a tiny detail you might have missed the first time around.


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