5 Things You Never Thought Guys Love About Girls

Ask a  guy to paint a picture of the girl of his dreams and the words "simple" and "funny" will definitely come up. But you'll be surprised to learn that there are lots more to the "simple-and-funny-girl" answers.
by Raffy del Rosario   |  May 31, 2010
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  1. Get Ready, Get Set, Get Dirty
    In high school, I knew a lot of girls who belonged to the soccer team. Mind you, these girls were not just trying to get a serious tan. They really loved playing the game. Every Saturday morning, they'd walk onto the field with their shin-guards and spikes, their hair tied in neat ponytails while the boys would be cheering from the bleachers. At the end of every match, these girls would walk back to the sidelines-all muddied up and sweaty after a good game of in-your-face football. "Those girls rocked," recalls Dan, 23. "I wouldn't have minded handing out towels to those girls," adds Jino,19.

    Maybe girls don't fancy helping us clean up after an afternoon game of basketball 'cause we don't exactly smell our best during those times. But rest assured, the feeling is not mutual. Guys find girls at their cutest when these femmes have just finished playing a sport where staying clean is not an option. "I just want to take care of them," explains Nick, 18, who picks up his girlfriend from taekwondo practice every Saturday.

    Don't miss the point though—it's not the dirt we like but the girls who are not afraid to get dirty. It definitely adds to a girl's charm when she can see beyond the grub and grime, and just have fun trying out new things.

  2. The Girl, the Gourmet, and the Closet Gourmand
    You might have been told that guys love girls who are slender and fit. What you will probably never be told however, is that the better picture guys have in their heads are girls who are slender and fit—and are holding a ton of chocolate bars in one arm and a bucket of KFC on the other. You seriously think we enjoy watching Paris Hilton, the heiress rave on about Weight Watchers? While I'm sure the heiress has commendably contributed to the good of humanity, for us, eating a lot is more than okay.

    On a recent beach trip, my buds and I were inside the house eating a volume of food I imagine would make Ally McBeal faint, when one of our girl friends came in and joined us. While the other girls were outside on the sand, baking their skin to a crisp, this girl was pigging-out on baked crispy skins with us. "I love girls who can really eat," Noel,19, says. "None of that 'I'm-gonna-break-my-diet' strain," he continues.  Another girl friend agrees, "Eating is one of the best pleasures in this world. If you refuse to eat, you're really missing out."

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