5 Things Girls Who Are Dating Again After a Breakup Can Relate to

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 7, 2017
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After being miserable, deciding to move on, and finally letting go, most of us will probably decide to go back and start dating people. But here's a warning: it won't be easy, especially if you've been through a painful, ugly breakup. Here are a few things girls who go through this stage experience:

  1. You're excited to experience new things.

After learning to breathe on your own again, it feels exciting to have a lot of things to look forward to—including meeting someone new and going on a date. Because there's a possibility of a new relationship and because yassss, food!

  1. But you will get scared, too.

And that's perfectly fine. You're going to experience new things with new people, and your fears will help keep you grounded and safe. 

  1. You will still feel the pieces of your previous relationship haunting you while you're dating.

Don't be in a hurry to get rid of what happened in your past relationship. You will always find yourself comparing the person you're dating with your ex. All you have to do in moments like this is remind yourself of how far you've come without him, and how there are a whole new list of possibilities in this phase of your life.

  1. You will find yourself expecting too much.

There will be moments when you'll find yourself wanting more than what you have. Maybe it's a way for you to correct your mistakes from your previous relationships or maybe because you came up with new standards because of your previous relationship. But even if it's hard, try to lower your expectations, get to know the person you're dating first, and prepare yourself for new things to come.

  1. You will doubt him at some point.

Blame it on getting hurt and heartbroken, but after a breakup or a failed relationship, it will be more difficult for you to trust people again—especially the new ones you meet. But don't be in a hurry to overcome that fear and don't be too hard on yourself for that. Take your time. You will learn to trust them eventually once you share more time together and get to know them better.

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