5 Struggles Only Girls Who Are Afraid to Love Again Will Understand

There are actually a ton of issues this girl has to deal with.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Nov 18, 2016
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Most of the time, after a devastating heartbreak, it's difficult for a person to move on and find a new love all over again. The idea of having someone new to love and care for is not only scary, it's overwhelming as well; they don't know if they can handle it well and not commit the same mistakes they have made in their previous relationship. Below, the struggles of girls who are afraid to love again.

  1. You've been strong enough on your own already, so it's hard to think about someone else again.

Sharing that power over your thoughts, words, and actions is quite scary especially when you've already been comfortable making all your decisions on your own. It will feel like handling someone your heart and trusting them to not break it after you gave your all to heal it.

  1. A new love will bring out the issues you've been hiding and force you to deal with them.


Surely, after a heartbreak, you've had your issues on commitment and trusting someone. Once you love someone again, you'll find yourself being face to face with the insecurities you've been hiding from and you have to learn to deal with them again.

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  1. It will make you realize how selfish you can get.

You've been alone for a while and you've gotten so used to dealing with your own issues. A new love means that you now have responsibility to deal with and to stand by your partner's issues and problems as well. You can't just walk out on them and tell them that you're already tired even if you want to do that so badly.

  1. We realize how high our expectations from them are, and it will be hard to deal with that, too.

Your new love will raise your expectations, and will want to correct the mistakes you've made in your previous relationship even if you know that's wrong. Sometimes, this issue will come out and give you a difficult time when you realize you're partner's not perfect. All you have to do then is remember that past is past and that what you have now is an entirely new experience.

  1. Loving again will make you realize that you've been afraid of love and commitment all along.

And it's not easy once you realize that you actually feel that way because when you fall in love with someone again, you'll also realize that you have to get over those fears—whether you like it or not.

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